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Zumba & Strength Instructors in Libertyville, IL

Sharon Porter

Sharon has extensive experience in group fitness, ZUMBA® Fitness, Pilates & BARRE.  At Orinoco, Sharon teaches ZUMBA® Fitness on Wednesdays at 9 am.

“What inspired me to teach was a passion for activity/athletics & being able to stay home with my kids. ZUMBA Fitness came out of nowhere as I was taking a master class – just for fun -at a convention. However, after my first ZUMBA class, I was hooked for a lifetime! A lot of people feel self-conscious because they feel like they look silly when dancing in a ZUMBA class. However, the misconception is that others are looking at you – really, the only place most people are looking is at the instructor. So just let go and have fun!”

Sharon was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her favorite hobbies are playing with her family, reading & learning about healthy nutrition with Shaklee.

Gina Frasch

Gina_Frasch_newCertified by the American Fitness & Aerobics Association (AFAA), Gina is qualified to teach ZUMBA®, ZUMBA® Gold, Step, Kickboxing, Total Body Strength & Body Pump. At Orinoco Fitness, Gina teaches ZUMBA® Fitness on Fridays at 9 am & Trim & Tone on Tuesdays at 10:10 am (alternating with Ana)

“For ZUMBA, no coordination is needed, just a positive attitude. If you aren’t having fun while you are exercising, come try a class with me. There is no reason burning calories, sweating and having fun can’t go together!”

Gina enjoys helping people reach and maintain their fitness goals while having a great time. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Gina and her family live in Antioch. Her favorite hobbies include spending time with her family, being active outdoors and teaching exercise.

Amber Norwood

Amber made a conscious decision to get healthy the summer of 2016. She found a supportive fitness studio & wellness coach. She began attending classes every week. Amber also began to meal prep for the week & to cook healthier foods that she enjoys. She consumes at least 90-100 oz of water daily & takes daily vitamins that give her energy throughout the day!


Since then, Amber has lost 40 lbs and is working to get off high blood pressure medication. She’s still working to lose more weight by staying active & making smart nutrition choices. Now she teaches WERQ at Orinoco Fitness on Tuesdays @ 7:15 pm. Come meet Amber & get inspired!

Tasha Torok

Tasha earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Dance from Penn State University.  She performed with three professional dance companies. She also taught ballet, pointe, and modern dance to adults and children and earned her Masters and Doctorate degrees in Microbiology.  She is certified as Group Fitness Instructor, ZUMBA Fitness ®  and YogaFit.  Tasha subs ZUMBA® Fitness from time to time.

“Teaching ZUMBA allows me to interact with people and push them towards getting more physically fit. If you are new to ZUMBA, don’t be afraid. You do not have to do the movements exactly how the instructor does them, you just have to move and have fun. Our bodies are all different, so just go with what feels right, don’t worry about what others are doing, just focus on having a good time!”

When she is not teaching, Tasha enjoys taking group fitness class, learning Taekwondo, reading, and having dance parties in her kitchen with her husband and five children.

Ana Santos Gitzinger

Ana grew up in Venezuela and has always loved dancing. She received her ZUMBA Certification in 2012 and has attended various ZUMBA Jams and Master classes.  She currently teaches ZUMBA on Saturdays  @ 9 am and TRIM & TONE on Thursdays @ 7 pm.  Ana completed her AFAA group exercise certification in November 2014 and BARRE certification in March 2015.

“I love ZUMBA because it brings me back to my Latin roots. I grew up in Venezuela dancing merengue, salsa, techno and cumbia and absolutely love dancing! I always feel better after taking or teaching a ZUMBA class, even if if I’ve had a tough day. It helps me release stress and be the fun, dynamic person that I love to be!. You don’t need to be intimidated by ZUMBA. Just feel the music, dance and have fun!”

Ana’s hobbies include dancing, practicing yoga, playing with her 2 young boys and enjoying the outdoors with her husband Tom.