Transform Your Body with BARRE

Transform Your Body with BARRE!  You don’t have to be flexible, a dancer, or even have experience exercising to benefit from BARRE. If you put in the effort, listen to your instructor, and have fun, BARRE can transform your body so quickly you won’t even believe how incredible you feel within weeks!
BARRE is designed to exhaust-then stretch-every muscle group. This combo is a highly effective, low impact way to increase your physical strength super fast. Tired of getting tired going up flights of stairs? Take some BARRE classes and kiss that goodbye! Watch preview here



Stay consistent & see results by attending BARRE classes regularly Commit, connect & succeed.
  • Commit   to attend at least two BARRE classes per week for at least eight weeks.
  • Connect – stay connected & motivated to succeed (become part of our tribe, learn from others who are in the same journey, follow us on Facebook or Instagram)
  • Succeed – A consistent exercise routine will provide amazing results & transform your body! You will also feel great (have more energy, better sleep, better mood)
BARRE is a program you can be part of no matter what your fitness level is.  Together, we can make it happen! Reservations are highly recommended for BARRE. Purchase a single class or sign up for six week session. 

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