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  1. average ratings=9,4 / 10
  2. audience score=1765620 Votes
  3. Runtime=154minute
  4. Genres=Drama, Crime
  5. Roger Avary

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At the beginning of the film, right before it starts, there is a definition of the two words that make up the title of this film. One word that should have been defined is the word classic. If you ask me what my definition of a classic film is, it is one that is easily remembered, whether that be by memorable quotes, characters or scenery and thoroughly enjoyable to the point where you will want to see it on a regular basis. I could go on and on about all of that but I will say this is one film that has changed the way I see films. It has become one of my all time favourites as a result. As soon as I started watching it the first time, I knew this was something special. I cannot even tell you how many times I have watched it but I always remember the witty dialogue, the violence, characters, etc. Even thought it is officially defined as a crime/drama film, I can’t help but find a few of the scenes as side splitting hilarious. I see perfection as a bit of a myth but to me, Pulp Fiction is as close as it comes to a perfect film. The casting of the roles is very good, in particular, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman, script writing is fantastic, not just because of the witty dialogue but due to Quentin Tarantino being brave by telling this story in a non-traditional, non-linear fashion. Kudos also to Tarantino’s direction, showing why he is one of the best modern Hollywood directors out there. Speaking of kudos, I think Pulp Fiction’s legacy has grown since being released in 1994 and should have won at least two more Academy Awards, namely Samuel L. Jackson as Best Supporting Actor and Quentin Tarantino as Best Director. Nevertheless, it has truly stood the test of time and is one of the best of the 1990’s and of all time as well.

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I really love how Quentin Tarentio reuses his cast through out his movies. Every main character from his previous hit “Reservoir Dogs” made some kind of appearance in” Pulp Fiction. Not only do the actors tie his individual movies together, but if you look back from his current movies to some of his first films, you can usually find a little microcosm from that film that he used as a base to create a new film.
The movie had a good rhythm even with the scenes being out of order. It defiantly keeps you thinking about the film and how the story really played out. This film is pretty violent, but not as much as Tarentio’s newer films. Tarentio has his own style and is totally an auteur director of the modern film profession. I would highly recommend seeing his films, but be ready for some Extreme violence.

This movie seems to be lived because of its disparate events. I found those things to be a turn off because i did not feel attached to any of the characters. The movies main entertainment is the broad use of profanity which lowers my regard for the writing.
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