About Us

Experience fitness like never before.

Orinoco Fitness is an intimate group fitness studio featuring a variety of classes, including Yoga Flow, Gentle Yoga, Pilates, BARRE & Tai Chi.  Founder Ana Santos Gitzinger, a native of Venezuela, wanted to create a welcoming fitness studio with outstanding yoga teachers and fitness instructors. Her vision is that Orinoco provides an enjoyable fitness experience to its members each time they attend classes. Ana believes in the healing power of movement; by moving and toning the body, members get restored both physically and mentally.

In addition to in-person classes, Orinoco also offers virtual group classes. We believe people can enjoy fitness from the comfort and convenience of home, no matter where they live. Our live classes are designed to care for individual needs and provide a safe, welcoming fitness environment.

“I want to help people achieve their fitness goals by offering classes in a pay-as-you-go format so customers don’t need to sign expensive contracts or be obligated to pay ongoing, monthly fees. I also want them to have an amazing workout experience in an intimate setting.”

Ana came to the United States when she was 17. She attended college on a scholarship and got an engineering degree, which she parlayed into a job with Procter & Gamble. That’s where she fell in love with the idea of creating new experiences. 

After earning her MBA, she decided to work full-time as a marketing & product manager at Motorola. With two young children at home, she found it tough to balance her career and her family. Ana ultimately decided to leave the corporate world behind and chose to find balance and to be there for her kids.

She knew, though, that she’d always wanted to start her own business. She decided to combine her desire to start a business with her love of fitness (she practiced Yoga and Pilates once per week while working full time). She had also discovered dance fitness, which appealed to her affinity for dance, being from Venezuela.

“I thought, why not create a place where I can blend different styles of group fitness? A unique multi-discipline boutique studio that allows people to experience their benefits without having to choose only one. Practice all of them, yoga, pilates, BARRE, Tai Chi, dance fitness, etc. In the same studio, without a contract.”

She named the business after the Orinoco River, which flows through Venezuela. That river theme, along with that of Venezuela’s picturesque table-top mountains, are reflected in Orinoco Fitness’ logo.

More recenlty, Orinoco started offering holistic wellness coaching, nutrition & yoga workshops. Also, private yoga & pilates as well as corporate wellness programs.

Our mission at Orinoco Fitness is to help you feel:

  • Balanced
  • Energized
  • Refreshed
  • Relaxed
  • Strong
  • Empowered