Alana Halsne

Pilates & BARRE Instructors in Libertyville, IL

Alana grew up in a dance studio since her mother was a professional dancer.  She was part of the dance team at Arizona State University as an undergraduate. Her desire to become a group fitness instructor was ignited by her passion & love for dance. Alana is certified to teach mat Pilates, BARRE, WERQ along with many other fitness certifications. Alana teaches mat Pilates on Wednesdays @ 6:45 pm

“Pilates caters to everyone, no matter their fitness level. I am passionate about helping our members achieve great results through the practice of Pilates; it’s my pleasure to teach & want everyone in my class to have an amazing experience” 

Alana’s favorite hobbies are shopping, watching Hallmark movies, and spending time with her husband and her two birds (a baby Umbrella Cockatoo and a Blue-Fronted Amazon)

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