Ana Santos Gitzinger

Yoga, Pilates & BARRE Instructors in Libertyville, IL

Ana developed a back injury in her late 20s & had to stay away from exercise. Luckily, she achieved a successful recovery with physical therapy; then with a regular practice of Pilates & Yoga, she developed a healthy back and strong core. When she discovered ZUMBA in 2011, she fell in love with dance again (as she grew up dancing Latin music in her native Venezuela). Shortly after, she decided to create Orinoco Fitness which offers various fitness formats in a welcoming environment.


“I love dancing because it brings me back to my Latin roots. I always feel better after a dance fitness routine, even if if I’ve had a tough day. It helps me release stress & be the fun, dynamic person that I love to be!. I also love teaching Yoga & Pilates; these disciplines are so important to help maintain a strong core (which I needed after my back injury) Yoga has changed my life, it is a lifestyle & a practice.  It helped me realized that I didn’t need to be perfect & that I could honor my body no matter what. Yoga also taught me to appreciate the present moment, be grateful for my blessings & embrace joy”


Ana has earned various fitness certifications, including AFAA group exercise, Mat Pilates, BARRE & Sports Nutrition. More recently in 2021, she earned her 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification (Yoga Alliance, 200-hr RYT). Her hobbies include reading, meditation, spending time with her 2 boys and enjoying the outdoors with her husband Tom.

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