Hailey Hinson

Yoga & Meditation Instructors in Libertyville, IL

Hailey was born in Ohio. She’s an RYT 200 Yoga Teacher. She wanted to share the beauty of Yoga and other moving meditation modalities that have assisted her through life. At Orinoco, Hailey teaches Gentle Yoga on Thursdays @ 10:15 am &  Saturdays @ 11:15 am.

“I enjoy providing a safe place for people to discover their own practice. Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit. Many people hear about Yoga and think they have to be fit, flexible or have a certain body type. Or they think yoga should be fast and hard, like a cardio class. Yoga is for everyone. There are types of yoga that can go fast and slow. There are styles that use sound therapy to assist the body in letting tension out. The passion behind my teachings are not to mold a student into the perfect Yogi, it is called the Practice of Yoga for a reason. We are all snowflakes and allowing yourself to connect to your breath as you discover your own bodies mechanics, is a beautiful gift. The time spent in yoga practice is not to fit into a box but, to disintegrate the box and be your true Self and breathe”

Hailey’s favorite hobbies are: Cooking, watching the sun rises and sunsets, yoga, tai chi, dancing, becoming enthralled in music, and anything with nature.

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