Ken Ning

Tai Chi Instructors in Libertyville, IL

Ken has been practicing martial arts since he was 10 years old. He started his TAI CHI training in 1996 with Sifu Dale Washington and Sifu Ben Toy.  He received his instructor certificate from Yang TAI CHI Chuan Association (Silver Eagle) in 2013. He’s also a Kickboxing and Full-contact Martial Arts teacher.  Ken teaches Introduction to TAI CHI at Orinoco Fitness on Thursday evenings. Check our class schedule for time & locations.

Ken teaches the Yang Style of TAI CHI. You can preview the first 12 forms which are covered in the introduction class in this video:

My passion for teaching TAI CHI and other martial arts is to help people improve their health, build confidence, gain balance, find inner peace and be able to defend themselves and others.”

Ken was born in China – Guangdong Province – close to Hong Kong. He moved to the U.S.A when he was very young and lives with his family in Mundelein.

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