Be Calm & Present. Experience the Benefits of Meditation

Achieve calm, focus & balance with a meditation practice. Learn to meditate and experience its vast benefits by establishing a regular practice.

Meditation is great for increasing self-awareness, being present, stress reduction and shifting your viewpoint of the world. Studies have shown that a regular meditation practice can help you experience positive changes in your body, mind, and spirit.

START A MEDITATION PRACTICE.  You don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor. You can sit on a chair, with your spine long & arms on your lap. Set aside a few minutes every day or a couple of times per week to meditate. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t meditate at first, it takes practice to learn to quiet the mind & ignore the chatter & thoughts that come to the surface.

FOCUS ON A MANTRA.  By focusing on a word or phrase along with your own breathing, you can learn to quiet your mind; this in turn will help you achieve clarity & focus.
n to quiet your mind; this in turn will help you achieve clarity & focus.

LET US HELP.  Orinoco has created a great library of guided meditations you can access to help you feel bright & light. Our YouTube channel has a variety of recorded meditations. Do them on your own or join us for a class.


Guided Meditation w/ Ana

  • 15 minutes or less

Email us to request information about how to book your group or private meditation session

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