Strength Train, Improve Your Health

We know that regular exercise helps prevent many illnesses. And we often think about exercise as activities that help cardiovascular performance: running, walking, dancing.  Why not practice resistance (strength) training regularly? You will be amazed at the powerful health benefits – specific to – resistance training
Listed below are some of the specific health benefits of resistance training.
  • Increase in resting metabolic rate; more energy & resting caloric burn
  • Improvement in blood pressure levels if initially elevated
  • Increase in bone mineral density
  • Improvement in levels of triglycerides, HDL & LDL cholesterol
  • Enhanced physical function in relation to activities of daily living
  • Slowing of sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass)
  • Improvement in insulin sensitivity and glycemic control
  • Heightened cognitive abilities: improved focus & concentration

Resistance (strength) training consists of:

  • Floor & mat work using dumbbells, Xertubes, mats, blocks, straps and stability balls to train.
  • Great music to keep you motivated from beginning to end.
  • All level exercises so you can work at your own level & pace, keeping you safe from injury.
  • Stretching to improve your range of motion and flexibility.

You will need a pair of comfortable gym shoes  and a water bottle

You will achieve great results: burn fat, increase metabolism, improve stamina & flexibility – while having fun & working safely.  Join us for a great workout that will keep you lean and toned. Attend a STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY class today.

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