Zumba Fitness in Libertyville, IL

Thinking of trying Zumba Fitness Classes in Libertyville?

​Curious what Zumba is about? Below is some information on what Zumba Fitness is, the benefits of Zumba, and information about Zumba Fitness Classes in Libertyville. Visit our online schedule to book classes.

What are Zumba Fitness Classes?

Zumba is a cardio fitness program that combines dance and aerobic movements. It’s choreography incorporates many styles of latin inspired dance moves including hip-hop, salsa, soca, samba, mambo, and merengue as well as some martial arts moves.

The popularity of Zumba Fitness classes in Libertyville has made it one of the hottest workout trends this year. It’s no wonder. Check out some of the awesome benefits of Zumba Fitness classes.

Zumba fitness classes deliver a solid cardio workout that offers a number of health benefits including burning calories, improved stamina, increased bone density, improved balance and muscle tone and lower blood pressure.

7 Ways Zumba Fitness Classes in Libertyville can Help You:

  1. Major Calorie Burning Exercise. – On average Zumba burns about 375-800 calories in a 1 hour class. A Zumba Fitness class helps you burn more calories then aerobics, power yoga, and cardio kickboxing.
  2. Total Body Toning – Zumba offers a total body workout that tightens and tones you all over.
  3. Weight Loss – While you are dancing with Zumba, it helps you slim down fast. Because it varies from high to low intensity, you burn a lot of fat while you shake your body to high energy music.
  4. Safe for All Ages – Kids and adults alike love Zumba and the moves are safe and easy to do for people of all ages.
  5. It’s Fun – When you are dancing with Zumba, you forget that you are working out. It keeps you motivated and makes you want to come back to class time after time.
  6. Instant Stress Relief – The natural high you’ll get from the work out is enough to shake off the tension of the day and leave you feeling good from the inside out.
  7. Good for Newbies and Pros – Whatever your level of fitness, you can adapt the moves to work for you for better health. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked.

Ready to take Zumba Fitness Classes in Libertyville?

Orinoco Fitness of Libertyville offers morning Zumba Fitness Classes in their new space at the Dance Academy of Libertyville. Taking a Zumba class is easy. There are no contracts. Our Zumba Fitness studio offers single class passes as well as other pay-as-you-go options.

So check out our Zumba class schedule online or call 224.430.1436 for more information. Our first live, in-person class will be held May 7, 2021 @ 9 am

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