Zumba Workout Vernon Hills

Zumba workout is an exercise program that combines Latin America music like salsa and merengue with highly energetic workout procedures. It is basically a musical workout program where the participants move in rhythmic body movements meant to burn the most body calories, build up muscles and tone up the body. This workout routine was discovered by Beto Perez who was an instructor at an aerobic class. During one of his session he forgot to carry the tape used in the session so he improvised by playing the next available CD track for the aerobic class. The music picked by Perez just happened to be Latino type of music comprising of the merengue and salsa dance moves. He began noticing that people training in the aerobics class were more rejuvenated to do more work out when this type of music is being used as compared to when the contemporary music was being played. Hence the Zumba workout was found and spread all over North America and even other parts of the world.

Zumba training has the following benefits: It can be down with just about anybody, both the professionals and the starters. The exercise involves a group of people moving in a coordinated, synchronized and rhythmic workout exercise. It is easily adaptable even to individual who have never engaged in this type of work out before. It is perhaps one of the few exercises which are fun-filled. Unlike other types of workout where you will need to adhere to stringent workout schedule, ZUMBA workout is fun and doesn’t test your patience to discipline commitment, this is because you will always be looking forward to engaging in it. It is highly energetic exercise which leads to the participants losing immense amount of calories.

Typically a 1 hour ZUMBA Fitness session leads to the participants lose about 500 to 1000 calories from their bodies. It’s one of the best workout exercises that will leave your body muscle looking tight and well toned. If you want a fun way to get your body shape to where you admire then zumba exercise is definitely what you should try out. ZUMBA Fitness can be done by individual of all ages. Ranging from youths to senile citizens who seek to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Engaging in the ZUMBA Fitness program you will feel a sense of relaxation as a result of this workout program. This is brought about by the release of serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitter in the brain; this chemical substance gives you a natural high leaving you in a very relaxed and good mood. One fitness studio where ZUMBA Fitness is given professionally is the Vernon Hills Orinoco studio located in Libertyville 116N Milwaukee Avenue. At this fitness studio, they provide you with a 5, 10 and 20 class pass which is more convenient than the monthly membership subscriptions found in most gyms and fitness studios. This is not only cost effective but you get to use your money when you are free as opposed to the monthly subscription which will necessitate you to schedule your personal activities with reference to going to the fitness studio.

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