Pilates Classes near Vernon Hills, IL

What is Pilates? Where can I find a Pilates Class near Vernon Hills, IL?

Pilates is a form of disciplined exercise founded by Joseph Pilates over 90 years ago. Pilates believed the mind and body work in unison and created the discipline. Pilates focuses on core strength, spinal alignment and fluid bodily movements. The core Pilates Principles are; concentration, control, centering, flow of movement, precision and breathing. Pilates is helpful in eases lower back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, stress, sleep disorders and much more.

Pilates does differ from yoga in a few ways. Pilates focuses on precise body gestures while yoga focuses more on breathing through movement. Pilates builds muscular structure, strength and flexibility through movement on the floor while yoga poses are done standing. Both practices are wonderful for stress reduction and mindful centering.

Orinoco Fitness offers pilates classes near Vernon Hills, IL and has created a beautiful, state of the art studio ideal for your Pilates practice. The studio offers soothing colors, bamboo flooring, a water feature in a very clean and serene environment. Pilates classes are lead by professionally trained Pilates instructors.

Try a Pilates class near Vernon Hills today and see the difference Pilates can do for you.

Orinoco Fitness is located at 116 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Libertyville – just as short distance from Vernon Hills, IL. Your first Pilates class is FREE. No need to call or sign up ahead of time.

Visit Pilates Classes near Vernon Hills, IL for Pilates class schedules.

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